Morgan Jordan, AKA ReloaxaThePinkWater (or simply Reloaxa), is an artist, animator, writer & occasional music producer from England, UK.
He likes to imagine his own artful universe where he can embrace his creativity & ideas & he’s very experimental, often trying out many styles & techniques, being mainly all for colour & atmosphere. As far as his art goes, he primarily focuses on concept art, illustrations & most of all, designing characters (as well as developing their stories, personalities & worlds). He often writes about characters going through mental struggles & tough times whilst trying their best to stay strong & succeed in their goals. As well as doing art, he’s looking to work in the animation industry to work on (& potentially create his own) animated shows & films.
“I’m more than happy I took part in this project, as it not only made me a lot more accepting & understanding of my condition, but it’s influenced me to continue developing my art & make more comics in the future.”
When he isn’t working on projects or thinking up ideas, he normally likes to unwind & listen to music, play video games, surf the web or sleep… a lot. His special interests are music, horror, anime & above all, Disney (he particularly loves The Little Mermaid & Kim Possible).
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